Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fenugreek Kara Kuzhambu Recipe

This is also similar to the above recipe. Instead of vegetables, add 3 tsp of fenugreek. Thats all.

Fenugreek is good for health. It will help for easy digestion. For those, who normally feel that they have very hot body, can use this. Fenugreek will make you cool.

You can also have a tsp of fenugreek with water, which will make your health normal.

Vegetables Kara Kuzhambu Recipe

This one is very similar to the above recipe. Only thing is different vegetables can be used instead of ladies finger.

Brinjal, broad beans,drumstick, etc.. can be used. For drumstick, it should not boil too much. Otherwise it will give bitter taste.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ladies Finger Kara Kuzhambu Recipe


• ¼ kg of Ladies finger
• 1 big Onion
• 3 Tomatoes
• Curry leaves
• Oil (as our wish)
• ¼ tsp of Mustard seed
• Salt
• Chilli powder
• Tamarind
• ¼ tsp of Black gram
• ¼ tsp of Bengal gram
• ¼ tsp of Fenugreek
• ¼ tsp of Turmeric powder
• ¼ tsp of Cumin seed

How to do:

First of all, place the vessel on gas burner. Then pour some oil as our wish. For kara kuzhambu we should use some extra oil so that all the ingredients will fry well. It will taste good. Add mustard seed, black gram, bengal gram, fenugreek, turmeric powder and cumin seed.

Immediately add sliced onion, tomatoes and curry leaves. Add required salt in this mix. Then saute it well. Now add ladies finger. Again sauté them well for 5 minutes. Pour some water and add required chilli powder as per your taste. Allow it to boil. Now add tamarind water (soak the tamarind in ½ cup of water and draw the pulp and strain). Now boil the mix. Check the taste.

Your Kara Kuzhambu is ready now.