Friday, 6 January 2012

Some Sentimental Things…

There are some sentimental things which some follow some won’t…

  • Cutting nails inside our house will lead to quarrel between the family members.
  • Lending money/things after 6pm won’t improve family’s growth.
  • During Eclipse time, pregnant ladies are told to be much careful as a small scratch by nail on their skin will lead to defect in child’s appearance.
  • If girls won’t wash their hands immediately after eating, then their marriages will delay.
  • If a coconut which is kept for pooja (prayer) is not good, then it indicates some bad news for the family.
  • If a cat crosses in front of us, while we are going for some important work, then it is said that there will be some obstacles.
  • If a lamp lit in the pooja room, shuts down itself, then it’s not good for the family head.

It’s not like am following everything… I just listed some things that I have heard and not meant to hurt anyone…. Am sure, there is more like this… Enjoy….

Please feel free to share here….


  1. I haven't heard any of these before, Kalai! Am laughing at many of them :D They are superstitions, right? I'm trying to think of one, like walking underneath ladders and it being bad luck (something like that)!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Nice to see you posting again :-)

  2. hello Kalai..we have some too but it is a bit of which is don't cut your nails at night on Fridays it is bad luck..another one when you brake a glass-a love one will have an accident and one more..*thinking* when you dream of your teeth falling someone will die in your family so you should bite a piece of wood and this is one thing I believe because when I have a bad dream of my teeth falling yes my grandmother died the next day maybe coincidence but the most important thing is being careful at all times..passing by ;)

  3. hmmm...indeed these superstitions has become a part and parcel of our lives.

  4. Yea I know these kinda superstitions are so popular. I don't follow exactly, superstition is a religion of feeble minds. I just follow them till they don't rule me.

  5. Fiona,

    yeah i used to laugh at this...s Fiona...
    Thanks Fiona..
    Happy New year to u 2 buddy...


    v 2 dont cut nails in tuesdays & fridays....
    yeah... well said buddy...
    thanks 4 sharing... dats really nice...


    u r exactly rite buddy... thanks...


    dats really cool of u buddy....
    thanks 4 dat nice comment...

  6. These are quite superstitions and i never believed those... yes, there's lot about these which my parents used to follow but not serious.

    Hope it was a wonderful beginning for you kalai :)

  7. Very interesting to know this :)